Catherine Ziemann (Formerly Catherine Hume) is a fully qualified Level III Specialist Pilates Instructor in Southampton.

Catherine aims to inspire and motivate everyone to lead a healthier life, helping you look and feel your best. Her cheery, approachable personality brings energy, warmth and humour to her Pilates classes. Catherine is incredibly passionate about Pilates, having witnessed the benefits first hand with her improved posture and corrected muscular imbalances after sustaining a sport rowing injury. Her attention to detail is impeccable ensuring each client gets the most out of every Pilates session.


Catherine uses a variety of equipment: resistance bands, weights, foam rollers and all kinds of different sized balls within her classes, each class is different from the next. Equipment is currently under review due to covid safety measures, all classes are currently mat only.

Catherine’s Pilates classes

Her classes take place in her garden studio and are small with a maximum of 5 people per class, ensuring you get the most out of every class. Catherine also offers private 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 session for anyone that would prefer a more personalised Pilates programme. As a Level 3 Pilates Specialist Catherine can modify and teach Pilates exercises for a number of common orthopaedic conditions, as well as Pre- and Post- Natal clients. 

Catherine’s Nutrition sessions

Catherine runs private counselling sessions to clients wishing to live healthier and manages their weight using state of the art Nutritional Software to analyse and produce scientifically sound advice and dietary recommendations.

Catherine has extensive experience working with clients on 8-week weight management programmes as well as working with amateur athletes to help improve their sports performance. The principles I teach are sustainable and effective.

Nutrition & Health Counselling topics:

– Nutrition & Weight Management    – Behavioural Change Coaching    – Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention  – Sport & Exercise Nutrition   – Antenatal Nutrition

Catherine’s Massage sessions

Catherine is currently studying an International Massage Diploma, which she will soon be able to offer as a complimentary service to her Pilates and Exercise Referral sessions. Catherine hopes to be able to offer massage by 2023. Catherine currently offers facials and hopes to soon be able to offer neck, shoulder and back massages.