Hi, I’m Catherine Ziemann the face behind Flex Yourself Fit. In my profession as a Specialist Pilates Instructor, I aim to inspire and motivate everyone to lead a healthier life, helping you look and feel your best.


Catherine opened her garden studio in Midanbury in August 2021, which is now her soul location for all classes. This includes both private and group classes.


Catherine launched Pregnancy Pilates classes at You Massage Therapy, as well as private pregnancy classes in the comfort of your home or at Exclusive Rehabiltation & Sports Performances new clinic in Bitterne.


Catherine completed her sports nutrition and pre- and postnatal nutrition modules and gained her Level III Advanced Nutrition Diploma. In February, Catherine began her partnership with the Exclusive Rehab & Sports Performance Center (ERSP) in Southampton, where she taught Pilates and provided nutrition advice. In March Catherine taught her first class at ERSP for a small donation. Towards the end of March, she started to run two classes a week. In her spare time, Catherine worked on a 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 basis with clients that prefer a more personalised programme. This included two Multiple Sclerosis clients, as well as clients undergoing sports rehabilitation. Catherine also taught several classes with the Men’s Senior Squad at Southampton University Boat Club to aid sports performance and improve flexibility and core strength, which benefited their rowing technique and performance. In June Catherine sat her final Pilates practical exam and become a qualified Level III Mat Pilates Instructor. Catherine continued studying to become a Specialist Pilates Instructor gaining knowledge in orthopaedic conditions and antenatal exercise. In December 2017 she qualified as an Exercise Referral Specialist, enabling her to receive GP and other health professional referrals.


In February Catherine decided she wanted to pursue a career as a Nutrition Advisor and as a Pilates Instructor. She enrolled at the School of Nutrition & Pilates at Future Fit Training, to complete a Level III Advanced Nutrition & Weight Management Diploma and a Level III Speacilist Pilates Diploma. Catherine studied modules in Nutrition & Weight Management, Behaviour Change Coaching and Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention. Since following a modified FODMAP, gluten and lactose-free diet she has experienced a reduction in IBS symptoms and now rarely feels lethargic or suffers painful stomach spasms.


In June Catherine was diagnosed with IBS by a dietician, who suggested she went on a low FODMAP diet to help manage her condition initially, but after a while, she could reintroduce FODMAPs gradually back into her diet. If the pain came back she would have to repeat it until she worked out her triggers. Some of the high FODMAP foods Catherine was eating included onions, garlic, mushrooms, apples, avocado, mango, fruit juice, seeds, cauliflower, beans and peas. After reintroducing most foods Catherine found onions, garlic and apples to be her biggest triggers so she keeps these to a minimum in her diet. She uses spring onion greens to replace the flavour of onion, has found she can tolerate a small amount of easy garlic in some meals and can tolerate tinned mushrooms but not fresh. In December Catherine released two e-books Daily Healing & Festive Favourites, which were part of her Happy Tummy Series featuring low FODMAP IBS friendly recipes.


In April Catherine was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Once she omitted both gluten and dairy she found there was a marked difference in her energy levels and overall health. But from time to time she still suffered unbearable stomach pain. In August Catherine released her first e-book which contained recipes free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar. In December Catherine released her second e-book.


This was the year she discovered Instagram and clean eating. The concept of clean eating is to use fresh ingredients and cook everything from scratch. But despite eating a lot healthier Catherine still suffered episodes of extreme bloating, stomach pain and fatigue. So she returned to the hospital for more tests.


Catherine was first diagnosed with gluten intolerance after testing negative for coeliac disease. Eat Yourself Fit was created as a blog to help her cope with the new lifestyle change and as a means of sharing her experiences with other gluten-free people. Initially, she relied on supermarket gluten-free processed foods as the world of gluten-free was unknown and she preferred to edge on the side of caution by using gluten-free labelled foods, rather than preparing meals herself.

Meet Catherine Ziemann (Formerly Hume)

Catherine is the face behind Flex Yourself Fit. She is a mummy to Emilia and wife to her husband James, pictured right. As well as being a Specialist Pilates Instructor with over 6 years experience, she is also a Senior Leader for The Body Shop at Home. She is passionate about helping others and has a kind and caring nature. Her goal in life is to make a difference and inspire everyone to lead a healthier life to look and feel their best.

She participated in the sport of rowing from the age of 12 and considered it a huge part of her life, racing most weekends throughout the summer and training 5-6 days a week. Naturally, this, however, took a toll on her body so she was referred to a sports therapist and encouraged to try Pilates. It was through benefiting from Pilates first hand that inspired her to become an instructor. She had witnessed first hand how Pilates could correct muscular imbalances and improve your posture. She also found Pilates significantly improved her rowing by increasing her core strength and stability as well as her flexibility.

After being diagnosed with a gluten and lactose intolerance and more recently IBS, Catherine realised she needed to change her diet to improve her overall health and well-being. Catherine has always enjoyed cooking from a young age and excelled in Food Technology whilst at Secondary School. Cooking and baking are huge passions of hers, and she loves experimenting with ingredients to create new exciting recipes. This inspired her to learn more about Nutrition and ultimately to qualify as a Nutrition Advisor, Catherine finds it a pleasure to help everyone lead a healthier life.

A quote from Catherine

“I am really passionate about Pilates and strongly believe it has the power to change everyone. Through low impact Pilates exercises you can correct your posture, build strength and increase your stamina, flexibility and balance. I strongly recommend Pilates to anyone currently having regular sports massages as a complementary treatment and to anyone that suffers from bad posture or that sits at a desk all day long.”

 What my clients say…

“I am really enjoying my Pilates sessions. Cat is warm and welcoming and knows how far to push me. It has really improved my balance, posture and muscle strength. I am so impressed how much fitter I feel after just doing it for two months. I am hooked and love it!”
— Stephanie, Southampton

“I have a very fast metabolism and have always struggled to stay a healthy weight and fitness level. But, since taking Pilates with Cat over the last four months, I can honestly say I have never felt so fit. Cat is understanding and considerate, and her classes are great fun. She knows how far she can push you and listens when you tell her what you want out of the class.
I ride horses, and Cat has been incredibly open-minded and has done a brilliant job of adapting her classes to suit my needs. She is enthusiastic about the potential of learning something new herself! Since doing Pilates with Cat, I have never felt so confident with my body, I feel much more able to push myself further with my horse riding and I am finally maintaining a healthy weight. Thanks Cat!”
— Emily, Southampton

 “I absolutely hate any form of exercise but making the decision to join this Pilates group was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! After suffering with lower back pain for months after giving birth and only being to class for two weeks I can already feel the benefits! I’m sleeping better, my posture has improved tenfold and that lower back pain is slowly disappearing!! I am recommending it to everyone!”
— Maxine, Southampton

Can I just congratulate you Cat on your e-book. As someone who aspires to eat clean it’s so hard thinking about what you can and can’t eat and your e-book is straightforward and inspiring! I now just want to print it off so I’ve got it handy in the kitchen all the time – an absolute bargain!! Can’t wait for Xmas.
— Kay,UK

I like the fact that the book was so colourful & the recipes are pretty easy & simple for home cooking. I also like the little footnotes you put under each recipe. I’m gonna try some of the dinner recipes as well. Well done with the e-book, I look forward to your Christmas one, which will make great presents for my friends!! Keep up the good work!
— Helen, Hong Kong

You are a true inspiration! I have been struggling with my fluctuating weight for years always feeling bloated and never understood why, but not anymore. Your ebooks are full of simple and healthy recipes that taste great! My favourite has to be your Jaffa Cake Brownies! My husband loves them. Keep up the amazing job, I follow your Instagram and must say you look incredible! Thanks for sharing your recipes and inspiring me to change. I look forward to purchasing your next book soon. I can’t believe I have lost a stone and still get to eat chocolate brownies!
— Tiffany, USA.