Dining in Manchester

On Friday 9th October 2015 we began the rather long journey to Manchester for the Rugby World Cup, England vs Uruguay match.

There we stayed in a Travelodge for two nights whilst exploring what Manchester had to offer.

Whilst there I discovered a fantastic gluten free restaurant called MCR 42, which had lots of dairy free options too.

Then on Sunday, we went to Chester Zoo, which I discovered catered gluten free also!


From my previous experience of Travelodge’s I knew it would be unlikely that they would cater gluten free, so I needed to be prepared and pack extras.

So I packed some gluten free rolls enough for 1 each day at breakfast, a carton of long life dairy free milk that didn’t need refrigerating and a small tub of dry gluten free cereal.

In their English breakfast buffet the eggs, bacon, beans, tomato and mushrooms are gluten free but the egg contains milk. As I had been prepared I didn’t have a problem eating breakfast; I had a bacon sandwich both days with a bowl of my cereal and milk.

I even managed to keep it low FODMAP opting to avoid the beans and mushrooms. Had I been travelling alone I would have opted to not have the breakfast and pay for the bed only.

As all Travelodge’s vary, I suggest you call the branch prior to your visit to discuss any dietary requirements you may have and ensure they can cater for you.

MCR 42

This was a very stylish restaurant with an extensive gluten-free menu, there was so much that I wanted to try!

If only I lived closer to Manchester this would become my regular eat out!

Maybe Southampton will catch up soon and offer a solely gluten-free restaurant. The waitress and staff there were brilliant, the menu was clearly labelled and very easy to understand.

I had the burger titled little piggy which was a delicious pulled pork burger served with crisp skinny chips and homemade coleslaw!

James chose the Bangkok Burger which was a Thai inspired crab and cod burger with sweet chilli sauce, which he had with sweet potato fries and homemade coleslaw.

For dessert, we shared the blueberry polenta cake, which was the only gluten and dairy free dessert available.

It was incredible if only they could share the recipe I’d love to recreate it at home!

If you are ever visiting Manchester this place is a must to dine at! Their cocktails were also good and they do 2-for-1 all day every day at the moment!

Little Piggy Burger (pulled pork)

Thai Burger

June’s Pavilion, Chester Zoo

Whilst we were in Manchester we had to visit Chester Zoo, known arguably as one of the best zoos in the UK for its array of rare and exotic species.

It was a fantastic day out and made even better by a stress-free dining experience. I tried out their gluten free pizza pictured below without cheese to make it dairy free.

I have to say despite its bland appearance it was packed full of flavour and really tasty, the base was brilliant. Overall I was very impressed!

A member of staff also informed me that they had gluten free sandwiches, chips, fish, baked potatoes, pasta and salad available on request.

Although had I never asked I would have thought there was nothing I could eat, as it was poorly advertised and there were no labels as gluten-free.

The member of staff was very helpful and the staff cooking and preparing my pizza used separate utensils and a tin foil baking sheet to avoid cross-contamination.

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