GDPR Policy

If you attend our classes, Catherine from Flex Yourself Fit will collect data from you on a Health Form.

This is data that is necessary so that we know any health issues that could affect your ability in class, which enables us to keep you safe. It is also needed to validate Flex Yourself Fit’s insurance.

All health forms although initially starting on paper, will be securely transferred and stored electronically on a secure password protected computer, compliant with GPDR policy. Only Catherine has access to this data. The paper copies will be shredded and disposed of immediately as soon as the data is transferred to the electronic system.

Your contact details and personal information are not shared with anyone else and we do not share email lists or sell your data.

We give you the option to like and/or follow any of our social media platforms and you can undo this opting out at any point using the social media platform by unfollowing or unliking us.

We ask you for consent to be contacted by ourselves by personal email, text, phone, Facebook chat or WhatsApp in order that we may communicate messages about classes and class logistics, should anything change last minute and we need to inform you urgently.

We will never contact you for marketting purposes using your personal contact details, instead this will be carried out on social media platforms for which you can decide to follow and like, and therefore have the right and freedom to opt out of by unfollowing.

You have the right to opt out of any communications at any time, simply send us a message and we will remove you from our database system.

If you decide to stop classes with us, we will keep your details in case you decide to return to us. We will retain this data for 1 year.

For as long as you continue classes with us we will retain your data so we can communicate with you as above about classes and logistics, until you decide to stop classes or wish to opt out of any communication.

If you would like us to erase your data at any time you have that right.

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