One weekend when James and I were visiting Lee-on-Solent we discovered a little café called Laneway Coffee.

My usual expectation when I enter a café is for them to have nothing gluten and dairy free on their menu apart from the usual jacket potato without butter or to end up with some boring salad.

So you can imagine my delight and amazement to discover this was a café that not only had gluten free sandwiches, salads and jacket potatoes but also freshly baked cakes.

I took a copy of the menu which you can see below, although it is a little blurry you can roughly read the prices and what was available.

After much deliberation, after all, I am not use to so much choice, I decided to have the salad of the day, which I have to say was very impressive and delicious.

It was massive as you can see below and very tasty!

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be that big or have so many different things.

I loved the fact the salad dressing was homemade and that everything was gluten and dairy free!

And for once I felt full and satisfied after eating a salad that wasn’t prepared by myself.

Despite feeling very full by this point!

I had to try their wonderful selection of gluten free cakes which I was told were baked freshly in the café.

There were many gluten free cakes available to choose from on the day as the photo below shows and even 3 cakes were gluten and dairy free, an apple and sultana pie, bakewell tart and lemon loaf.

As many of you may know apple and sultanas are unfortunately high FODMAP and especially in my case cause IBS flare ups so I had to give the pie a miss, but I did order one Bakewell tart (left) and one lemon loaf (right).

James ordered a gluten free carrot cake (middle).

All the cakes looked very appealing, were delicious, light and fluffy!

The bakewell tart had a soft crumbly pastry and a tasty filling.

I can’t fault anything we had there and can’t wait to go back and try some of their other gluten and dairy free cakes!

The prices of the cakes were also very reasonable as you can see from the menu and there was also breakfast options available in the morning which I thought was a lovely addition.

The amount of times I have been caught out trying to find a gluten and dairy free breakfast and I always end up having fresh fruit whilst everyone around me enjoys an English fry up or a side of toast!

I also couldn’t help but notice they were hosting a gluten free evening with a full three course dinner but unfortunately I was unavailable to attend.

Although I am sure it would have been very popular among the gluten free community as those type of events are few and far and if my experience at lunch was anything to go on, I have no doubt it would have served sensational food.

The staff were very knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease, which I usually find near on impossible when eating out, as the slightest cross contamination and I can be bed bound for a week with horrendous stabbing stomach pains and nausea unable to eat anything until it runs its course.

So a huge thumbs up as I felt fine and left a very happy young lady! 

I would strongly recommend this café so if you are ever in the area make sure to pop in!

They are just off the beach on the high street.

For more information you can follow this link to their official website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and found it useful.



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